Your Digital Zine

This zine serves as a way to help readers process a range of feelings and thoughts related to abortion. Rest assured — feelings of relief, sadness, confusion, happiness, doubt, hope, detachment, and gratitude are all common reactions to terminating a pregnancy. You cannot choose to stop having a feeling any more than you can choose to stop feeling warmth or cold on your skin. Feelings are your emotional sense of your experiences, environment, internal emotional temperature, and your spiritual barometer. Embrace your feelings as a sign of your humanity — that you are complex, creative, varied, and wonderful. Remember that feelings are windows into yourself in a given moment, are neither good or bad, and are always worth honoring. More than anything, feelings are NOT controllable, something to be ashamed of, or things that should lead to self-judgment.

You can download and print the zine HERE. (Print double-sided, short edge binding)


All The Feels- Processing any complex feelings you may have about your abortion

Making Space For Yourself- Tips & Ideas for Self Care.

Identifying Your Support Squad

(Send this page to your support person) How to Support Your Loved One Who's Had an Abortion

Instructions for an Easy DIY Heat Pad

A Guided Meditation to Processing Your Abortion

Sharing Your Story- A letter from Ashley, a We Testify Storyteller

Will God Forgive Me?

The Truth About Abortion (Myths & Facts)

A Fire Ritual for Letting Go

Support & Resource List

Coloring Pages 

This zine is brought to you (with love) by:

Women Have Options/Ohio | P.O Box 1611 Columbus, OH 43216

Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice | P.O. Box 82204 Columbus, OH 43202 614-706-3709

Illustrations by Wriply Bennet

Special thanks to Rev. Terry D. Williams, Rabbi Jessica Shimberg, Stephanie Craddock Sherwood, Ashley Underwood, Michelle Davis, and Elaina Ramsey for their work creating this zine.