You Deserve Access to Abortion- A note on stigma

Our message to you, someone who has had an abortion in Ohio.

You are not alone in this.

You are making the decision to get an abortion because it is the best decision for you, your future, your family, perhaps your future family and it is a responsible decision. 

We know there are so many barriers to getting an abortion and we believe that is unjust. Access to abortion is a fundamental human right, essential for equality, health, and dignity. You deserve access to the healthcare you need. 

Abortion funding bans are an issue of racial and economic discrimination, as well as a violation of the human rights of pregnant individuals. This is why we work to raise funds to help fill the gap and help advocate so that one day we aren't needed. 

Until we aren't needed anymore though, we are here for you. Click here for support and resources.

You are wonderful, loved and deserve to be able to access the healthcare you need.

With Love.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In your journey, beware of Crisis Pregnancy Centers that claim to specialize in “Post Abortion Support”/“Post Abortion Counseling,” they are actually anti-abortion organizations that use scare tactics, provide misinformation, and often encourage rather than help resolve difficult emotions for political gain. Instead, there are amazing resources like the All-Options Talkline, 1-888-493-0092 that can help and other support here.