Will God Forgive Me?

Human beings have trouble getting to forgiveness. It’s hard for us to accept and move on. But God’s forgiveness is what makes God divine. God has already moved beyond the question of forgiveness, because God lives in the hopeful future that we have yet to reach.

If you’re wondering whether God will forgive you, that’s okay. No matter what you have been through in life, seeking God’s approval is normal. And having doubts is normal, too.

No matter what divine name you ask that question of — Holy Mystery, Jehovah, Allah, Yeshua, God, Jesus, Elohim, Bahá, Sri Krishna — the divine calls you beautiful, wondrous, my beloved, holy, a treasure, very good.

God knows your heart and your intentions deeply and intimately. More than any person or group of people in your life, God knows your struggles, your hopes, your fears, your dreams, the reasons you’ve made all the decisions you’ve made, and the longing you have for all of the amazing things your future holds. God understands the complex nature of your life better than anyone, and God has already called you blessed.

Perhaps the greatest opportunity for spiritual connection (both with the Divine and with other people of faith) are the moments of doubt and questioning that we all experience in life. You have an opportunity to build solidarity and relationship with other people through the spiritual communities that you find hopeful and helpful.

Think about reaching out and sharing your experience with people whom you trust, and know that God is found in those fresh connections, renewed relationships, and new insights that you find along the way.

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