What do we need to provide?


This is flexible and we can help, but generally:

  1. Space for the Event- Fellowship halls, classrooms, or even a table set up in the front lobby—the choice is yours! We can make a variety of spaces work for this event.
  2. Volunteers to Assemble Packages
  3. A Love Offering- In order to sustain this program, we do need funding, and your faith community can help with that!
  4. Care Package Supplies (if your group has chosen to set up a supply drive.) 

The preferred method of supply collection is fundraising and working with OHRCRC or WHO/O so that we can take advantage of bulk purchasing and each care package contains the same materials for consistency. Each care package costs just about $5* to assemble and deliver and we ask the group hosting the event to cover these costs.  We have selected each item in the care package to be compact for easy storage, for its’ quality to send a caring message, and to be conscious of sensitivities and common allergies (this is IMPORTANT). But if your group has a supply connection or believes it would work better for you all to accomplish the task that way, our supply list is on page 4 of the Community Care Team Toolkit.

* We know that it can feel daunting to raise funds, but we believe in you and can help.