Support Squad

You likely already have an amazing network of support in your life. Friends, coworkers, family, partners, members of clubs and groups that you participate in — many of these people together form your network of support in your daily life. Many of these same people will also be your support network before, during, and after your abortion experience. Many people find that some of their most supportive allies during this time are people they’ve known in other areas of their life who step up and provide great compassionate care.

You may not feel safe with everyone in your life support network when it comes to abortion. It’s okay to be selective about who you allow to help care for you during this time. You should feel free to only allow people into your circle of trust who you know are going to be supportive of your healthcare decisions and who you know are not going to add stress or judgment.

Sometimes it helps to “screen” your support people — almost like a job interview.

You’re the CEO of your life, and this chapter is no different! You may want to find out how a potential support person reacts to news about abortion before you share anything with them. “Can you believe how worried some people are about abortion?” or “My friend wants someone to come with her to her abortion appointment” are great ways to bring up the subject. Just like in a real job interview, watch the person’s reactions, their facial cues, and the non-verbal “vibe” you get from them. This reaction will help you decide whether or not you want to share your abortion decision with them, and whether or not they make the cut to be on your support team.

Tell People What You Need

A meal or two at home? Someone to watch your kids? A movie and a night out next week? Whatever it is that will help make your life a little better, be sure to tell your support team about it. You’ll be amazed at how much the people who love you are just waiting to hear what they can do to help support you during this time.