Other than care packages, what can we do to help?


We do need your continuing support of the care packages, but otherwise, there are a ton of ways to get involved with Women Have Options/ Ohio & Ohio RCRC. We have educational & volunteer programs on compassionate care for faith communities, abortion conversation programs, workshops on self-managed abortion, Ohio abortion driver training and more! Contact your support team member for more info.

Care Package Continuous Support Options

There are many ways you can provide for the continuous support of the abortion care package program. Below are just a few methods that may prove helpful for your organization as you seek to further this important work in our community. You can use one, several, all, or none of these ideas in your organization-specific plan for continuous support. The only thing that we ask is that you make a commitment to financially support the program on an ongoing basis.

Direct organizational support

Many of the organizations we partner with find it easiest to simply budget funds annually for a continuing gift of support for the program. These gifts can be made on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and are extremely helpful in allowing our Sponsoring Partners to plan ahead for program stability across budget cycles.

Direct Solicitation

Some organizations also choose to directly support program needs by allowing individual members to designate organizational contributions as a gift to the program. This option allows organizations the flexibility of allowing individual champions of the program to give before a formal organization-wide commitment has been made or in the event that an individual would like to contribute in excess of the organization’s designated contribution.

Love Offerings

Most often used in religious congregations, Love Offerings can be periodic or as-needed “pass the plate” style appeals that allow an organization to provide a lump sum contribution to the program. Many organizations will either have a quarterly or occasional offering of this variety or often groups will designate a particular regular offering (such as loose change or cash) as their continuous program support.

Donation Cans & Giving Boxes

Another option for support is a regular, fixed can or box that is designated to receive contributions for the program. These containers often have permanent places in gathering areas or places of high activity and are emptied and counted regularly with the proceeds forwarded to program support.

No matter how you work your own Continuous Support Plan, keep in mind that each care package costs money to assemble and deliver, and also remember that the program needs to support the staff who serve as Facilitators as well. The approximate cost for each care package is $4.25. We suggest a good starting goal for continuous support to be the total cost of the number of care packages your organization would like to produce in a year.