All The Feels- Processing any complex feelings you may have about your abortion

You cannot choose to stop having a feeling any more than you can choose to stop feeling warmth or cold on your skin. Feelings are your emotional sense of your experiences, environment, internal emotional temperature, and your spiritual barometer. Embrace your feelings as a sign of your humanity — that you are complex, creative, varied, and wonderful. Remember that feelings are windows into yourself in a given moment, are neither good or bad, and are always worth honoring. More than anything, feelings are NOT controllable, something to be ashamed of, or things that should lead to self-judgment.

Think about your feelings regarding your abortion, and ask yourself some of these questions:

Is this feeling brand new, or have I felt it before? When are other times I remember having this feeling?

What in my life and my experience is connected with this feeling?

Where am I able to share about this feeling? Are there specific people with whom I am able to talk about this feeling? 

Do I think of God or spirituality in connection to this feeling? If yes, how? If no, what other person or place is connected?

Do I want this feeling to stay with me? What things can I do that can help me keep this feeling? What things can I do that can help me leave this feeling behind for a while?

How can I express this feeling so that people in my life who love me can understand? (Create a painting, write a song, find a symbol or sign, say a prayer, compose a poem.)