A Fire Ritual

Adapting to change and letting go can be a difficult process — even when the change is anticipated or joyful. A powerful way to let go is by writing down what you need to release and then burning it away.

Try this simple fire ritual to help you let go of any negative aspects of your abortion experience:

  • Gather supplies, including strips of paper or notecards, writing utensils, matches or a lighter, and a fireproof vessel (metal bowl, tin can, fire pit, etc.)
  • Go outside and find a comfortable place to sit. (Do not do this ritual in your home unless you have a wood-burning fireplace.)
  • Meditate for a moment to ground and center yourself. Sit with your eyes closed and breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes.
  • Reflect on any shame or stigma associated with your abortion or abortion in general, including negative messages from family, friends, the media, communities of faith, politicians, etc.
  • Write down each of these messages on notecards or strips of paper.
  • Light the messages, and place them into a fireproof vessel one by one. As you burn each item, hold an intention for release, healing, forgiveness, or whatever it is you desire to feel.
  • Close your eyes and hold in confidence that your intentions have been received and granted by the Divine or the universe. Breathe lightness into your heart.
  • As the ritual closes, be mindful that letting go is a process. You may want or need to repeat this ritual over and over again before it feels complete.
  • Extend gratitude to yourself for releasing the messages and thought patterns that no longer serve you.