You deserve compassionate care and support before, during, and AFTER your abortion. 

Abortion has been part of people's lives since the beginning of time. Abortion is an important component in the spectrum of reproductive health care. It is health care you deserve access to and support with. Abortion is a normal and necessary part of people’s lives. Yet the barrage of misinformation about abortion and the people who have them has created a culture of stigma associated with this common experience. 

And this is why we're here. We're here to direct you to safe and non-judgemental resources and support. To offer space for reflection and processing. To show you that you are not alone. 

  • Help Us Make Care Packages

    #Abortionaccess doesn't begin or end at making sure someone can get an abortion, it is creating a community of love and support for all pregnancy needs & decisions, it is busting stigma and supporting someone on their whole journey.

    That's why we're launching our #abortioncarepackage program. More than a gesture, it is a gift for everyone accessing abortion in #Ohio, to help support them in the moments after they leave the clinic and to make sure they know there's a community rooting for them and who they can turn to for support.

    Especially in a time when abortion stigma is so deeply embedded in our culture, on billboards and the news, in churches and at our Statehouse, people need #communitycare.